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Izmir which is extremely developed regarding communications, has all domestic and international connections in mans of highway, air and sea transportation.

With the road which is connected to Manisa over Bornova, the road which reaches to Çanakkale  over Menemen and Karşıyaka, supplie the communication of the city with its surroundings,  The Ankara-İzmir connection  supplies the Manisa trafiic flow and combines the traffic coming from  Demirci, Kula Uşak, and lead the traffic to the city center..

The Aydın-İzmir connection by following the Mesel water way from the south of the city through the Hatay Road and Eşrefpaşa, comes to the center of the city.

Another connection is between Çeşme- İzmir. This road is connected to Urla and Çeşme by means of Hatay- Mithat Paşa Road.

The Alsancak port which is at the inner part of the gulf and is 1.314 m long, is an important export door and it also regulates the domestic and international passenger traffic. From the port there is continuous cruises between Istanbul-İzmir.  The summer and winter schedules of these cruises changes.  In summer times there are also tourist cruises from İzmir port to Mediterranean ports.

In the city the  there are ship cruises between Karşıyaka, Alsancak, Pasaport, Bostanlı, Üçkuyular and Güzelyalı ports provide a relaxation in communications.

In Çeşme, Dikili, Aliağa, Yeni Foça and Eski Foça, which are the districts of Izmir, there are some small ports.  In the marina which was added to the port at the Çeşme Gulf, services are being supplied to the yacht owners.  In addition to this there is aRo-ro port built for the international traffic. In the marinas which are made at Dikili, Seferihisar, Yeni Foça and Eski Foça serv,ces are provided to domestic and foreign yacht owners.

Additionally, the Aliağa port which has the facilities to discharge raw petroleum and ship processed petroleum, has an international capacity.

From İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport there are domestic and international flights everyday.

In the railway transportation Izmir has a special place.  The first railway of our country was built between Izmir and Aydın in 1886. The railway which comes from Aydın arrives at Alsancak station,  and the railway coming from Manisa arrives at basmane station, and this is how the railway ends.  There are railway cruises on continuous basis from İzmir to Ankara, Diyarbakır, Bandırma, İsparta, Söke, Denizli and Afyon.

The distance between Adnan Menderes Airport and Izmir fair is 21 km. It is 8 km between Izmir fair and bus station, i t is 4 km to the port, and to  Basmane railway station   it is 1 km.

Adnan Menderes Air Port: 0232 274 22 85
Adnan Menderes Air Port Office: 0232 274 21 71
Adnan Menderes Air Port Customs Guard Directorate: 0232 274 20 64
Turkish Air Lines Information Desk: 0232 484 12 21
Turkish Air Lines Reservation: 0232 444 08 49

State railway: 0232 458 31 31
DDY Basmane Information Desk: 0232 484 86 38
DDY Alsancak Information Desk: 0232 464 77 95
Reservation: 0232 484 53 53

CENTRAL: 0232 472 10 10

Central : 0232 464 88 64 - 0232 464 88 89