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The Turkish jewelry art which reached until today after being kneaded with the civilizations it has met, has reached a rightful success especially in exports by its hand  work which is liked all around the world.

In Anatolia where the first gold money was used, all of the civilizations have left deep traces especially in the minerals and those traces reached to the contemporary time as a great inheritance.

As a result of the studies made on the traces of this inheritance, Turkish jewelry  art sector is now realizing 72 tones of jewelry exports through official  ways and 117 tones through the tourists coming to visit the country.

Turkey, realizing gold import of 103 tones in year 2001, in the same year processed more gold than its exports and provided currency income of 1,2 billions to the economy of the country. This places Turkey on the second place following Italy which  is the leader in the world regarding gold exports..

on one hand as the products are sold in the world standards regarding their and on the other hand as they are sold very economically facilitated Turkey to compete with Italy, which s the jewelry giant I the world.

In addition to thee the way that Turkish jewelry art follows made Turkey a sample for the others. In liberalization in China, Mexico and India   our country was pointed as a example. The Turkish jewelry sector realizing exports approximately to 40 countries in the world to, is exporting to Germany, France, UAE, England, Ireland, Switzerland and Belgium, as USA being ahead.

In addition to gold and silver processing, as Istanbul and Izmir, where valuable stone trade is being done, are said to be the jewelry  centers  of Turkey, these two cities also became to be the start point of exports.

As Istanbul and Izmir became to be the center of production and trade and also the center of exports, at the same time they form  the focus point of tourism.  The production and the marketing focus points of the Turkish jewelry which are presented for sales at the tourism points in Ege, Mediterranean, Marmara and South East Anatolia, are again these two cities.

Source: Jewelry Dealers Chambers of Izmir