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We started the jewelry fair works of JEWEX with the esteemed representatives of jewelry and jewel sector together, and we succeed together.

Our aim was to make a dream of jewelry masters who turns the ore lying under the tons of soil for thousands of years into magnificent jewelries by testing them in fire and crushing in rollers, and of the goldsmiths realizing the dream of millions of people, come true. It was the right of jewelry masters producing with the knowledge affected by the civilizations to establish new cooperations, get involved with the new business contacts and get into the new markets. So they could reach their well-deserved place.

Genciz Fair Organization, especially the Chamber of Jewellers of Izmir and the Chamber of Commerce of Izmir, organized the JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Jewel, Silver Jewelry and Watch for three times with the cooperation of the country-wide chambers and associations.  JEWEX blazed a trail in a single fair since the Fair Organizations in Turkey had started. Izmir embraced the most valuable fair on the product-base. The dreams of the jewelers came true. We made it happen together with the representatives of jewelry and jewel sector. We established a platform where you can catch up with the improvements, innovations and opportunities related to the jewelry sector, a sector summit that will increase the trading value, in the JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Jewel, Silver Jewelry and Watch. We created the most valuable legacy we can leave to the next generations. We are proud of that.


The esteemed exhibitors who chose the right fair in this competitive environment and knew where they could find the real and constant benefit, service quality and trust are expecting the next period hopefully by turning the important consequences of the trade relations created in this fair into an opportunity. JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Jewel, Silver Jewelry and Watch which could keep up with the international criteria without gaining any international official character in its first three-year-period is progressing in the way of being a world’s brand. Our aim is to present a perfect fair in our 4th year. In Izmir International Fairground we are going to host the Aegean Summit of the sector which is only open for the visits of commercial customers and VIP guests in 3 - 6 February 2012. We made our fair calendar public. We experienced a boom in the participation requests.  The reservation requests continue increasingly. With the strategic and geographic advantage of Izmir aiming at being a candidate for EXPO in different and special ways, directly targeting the customers of the European Union, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, Middle East, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Turkish Republic, being a fair that presents special products, we are aiming at providing a unique information sharing and job opportunities related to the target country purchasers.  We will host the professionals in this sector from Turkey and all over the world in our platform where they can follow up the latest trends and innovations.

Hosting the esteemed exhibitors of jewelry and jewel sector in the JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Jewel, Silver Jewelry and Watch that will be held in the Izmir International Fairground on 3 – 6 February 2012, we will gain strength and be honored. Thanks to everyone who supported the idea of JEWEX being the most important sector fair of our country and paved the way for becoming a world’s brand, encouraged us with their opinions in order to decide in parallel with the sector interests and guided us.

Genciz fair Oranization Co.
Genral Manager


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