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The excitement of JEWEX 2012 Fair (FAIR OF ENGAGEMENT RING, GOLD, JEWELLERY, SILVER JEWELLERY and WATCH),which will be organized for the fourth time in the city where the foundations of history of fair organizing laid in Turkey, started early. First announcement of organization that will be organized between 3 - 6 February in International Izmir Fairground has been made and the calendar of fair started to work. The movers and shakers of sector in particular and so many corporate jewellery companies reported their reservation request. The organizer of the fair the General Manager of Genciz Fair Organization Osman Gencer stated that ’’ the requests of jewellery companies for joining to fair is results from the achivements of fair in the first three years. As usual we will keep and uprise the bar high.’’ The Chairman of the executive board of the Chamber of Jewellers Uça expressed that ’’ In JEWEX 2011  we have witnessed that our firm has gone beyond a platform bringing Aegean companies together, and has brought all companies of Turkey together in Aegean. This year, the meeting will expand further’’.

The Chamber of the executive board of the Chamber of Jewellers of İzmir Yılmaz Uça and the General Manager of Genciz Fair Organization Osman Gençer enlightened about organization works in the press conference:  

‘’In Izmir the city of birth of fair organizing in Turkey and preparing to hold  internationally the first and longest-dated fair for the 80th times lives the excitement of the most valuable product based fair;  JEWEX 2012(FAIR OF WEDDING BAND, GOLD, JEWELLERY, SILVER JEWELLERY AND WATCH).JEWEX 2012 which will be held between 03-06 February in the hall 2 of International Izmir Fairground by Genciz Fair Organization, with the cooperation of the Chamber of Jewellers  of İzmir, the Chamber of Commerce Of Izmir in particular and many chambers and associations in jewellery. In the fair special to commercial clients and VIP guests gold jewellery, diamond, jewelleries with precious stone and semi-precious Stone, pearl, silver jewellery, semi-precious and synthetic stones, mounter, watch, machine with its materials, accessories and show window materials, jewellery softwares, and security equipments will be exhibited. Elite firms of Turkish jewellery sector have started to reservation works to join the fair.’’

Planning a captious work so as to make the JEWEX 2012 as the summit of sector The General Manager of Genciz Fair Organization Osman Gençer announced the date of JEWEX 2012 and starting of works together with the press members. Emphasizing Turkey’s taking firm steps to come into well-deserved world leadership Gencer stated that JEWEX which is being held in such a geography where the first gold money was invented and used is an important milestone during this journey.’’ While the world is experiencing one of the biggest economic crisis, we give our knowledge heritage prominence together with the jewellery sector.  We have showcased those jewelleries kneaded with the traces of civilizations and brought form past into present by our jewellery master. Our starting target was to develop new cooperations, to award franchise and enlargement of trading volume. For this reason we have pulled out all the stops to create a platform in which all developments, innovations and opportunities regarding jewellery sector to be followed. We have brought originalities becoming to jewellery sector to Izmir the city of origins.  During the ongoing process, showing a great interest the sector proves us that we have achieved this. The professionals of sector from all over the world have visited our fair. A large number of sector professionals, international representatives, exporters, importers, wholesalers, designers, store and chain store representative wishing to follow latest trends showed a great interest to our fair. We have written the receipt of success together with the sector while the economic crisis plays the devil with world.


“Thanks to everyone who made a contribution” he said. The General Manager of Genciz Fair Organization Osman Gencer, who stated that they have been evaluating the requests of exhibitors and visitors, said that they will be explaining all the changes related to the fair one after another in the following months.

The chairman of the executive board of the Chamber of Jewellers Yilmaz Uca expressed in the meeting that:

The Aegean, especially Izmir is of a great importance for the jewelry sector. Our region, where we broke grounds in this sector throughout history, is the most important production and marketing center of Turkey after Istanbul. We added more to this feature with the works we performed last year.

Firstly, the action of Western Anatolia Jewelry Union that we started on November 2010 paved the way for jewelry profession in Turkey to meet under the roof of unity and solidarity. The torch that we lighted in Izmir is lightening all over Turkey now. We are looking for the ways to explain to the ones managing us that this is a sector, and we want to solve the problems about our profession and also set a higher standard to this by coming together with our colleagues from different regions in different cities.

We witnessed the first effects of these works in the JEWEX 2011 Fair. In the fair we organized right after the Western Anatolian Jewelry Union made a start, JEWEX is no longer the fair of Aegean region but Turkey’s now. I believe that the efforts started right after the fair to unite throughout the country will bring JEWEX 2012 to a more different condition as our fair became one of the meeting platforms of Turkish jewelry now. It undertook a different mission apart from the commercial expectations and purposes.

As a sector we aimed at making the JEWEX fair a more active and successful organization comparing to the last year and set higher standards each year. In this sense, as the Chamber of Jewellers of Izmir, we are staying in touch with the representatives of the sector and chambers in various cities. As far as we observed in the JEWEX 2011, our fair was no longer a meeting platform for the companies in the Aegean region but also a place where all the regions in Turkey met. This meeting will range up more this year.


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