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Genciz Fair Organization Ltd. Company established in 1997 and made all the difference in the sector of Fair Organization provides service in this sector with its experienced management and staff over 10 years…

Considering that the demands and expectations of our customers are of top priority and important, we aim at sharing our knowledge and experiences and providing service by putting continuous improvement and development first.

Genciz Fair Organization will continue to maintain the fairs which were held and are going to be held with the principle of “right place, right time and right target audience” by putting the requests of customers and quality first and taking the contribution it will make to the national economy into account.

Our Organizations 

Souvenir Days

Souvenir Days are being held in the last weeks of December of each year in the Izmir International Fairground. The activity addressing young and old alike and people from all strata provides you with shopping opportunities with great options in a 3500 m2 wide area

Healthy Life Fair

Since 2003 the Healthy Life Fair is being held in Izmir. Especially in the recent years, as the private sector speeded up the investments made into the healthcare field and specialized, as a consequence of additional investments made in SPA by the hotel and resorts, Turkey started to come to the fore in terms of health tourism progressively. Genciz Fair Organization pointing out that this sector is growing rapidly in the recent years organizes this fair in order to show the potential in this sector.

Jewex Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Silver Jewelry, Jewel, Watch

JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Silver Jewelry, Jewel, Watch has contributed to Izmir progressing in the way of becoming the city of congresses and fairs, in cooperation with the Genciz Fair Organization and the Chamber of the Jewelers of Izmir. In the fair, the first of which was held in 2009, gold jewelry, diamond, jewelleries with precious and semi-precious stone, pearl, silver jewellery, semi-precious and synthetic stones, watch, machine, its materials and accessories and accessory and display materials, jewellery softwares, security equipments and systems are being exhibited. JEWEX Fair of Engagement Ring, Gold, Silver Jewelry, Jewel, Watch arranged annually has become the most valuable fair on the product-base held in the Izmir International Fair Center.

Medical Symposium of Complementary Energy Medicine

In the symposium, the second of which was held in 2008 in order to give exact information about the Complementary Medicine / Energy Medicine methods, in-depth analysis of the information called traditional treatment methods which have been excluded for years but regained their importance according to implementation results, and the research performed on this issue, information and studies acquired has been shared especially with the doctors, exhibitors, institutions, media and public by explaining the effect system resulted from these methods.

Festivals and Activities
Genciz Fair Organization gives full support to the local administrations and non-governmental organizations in carrying out the activities especially in Izmir and its surrounding areas with the aim of supporting and improving the social life in the city it operates in and its near surrounding areas in an organizational basis and about technical subjects. It also shares its experience in carrying out this kind of activities and takes its place in the successful works.

In parallel with all these mentioned above, Genciz organizes congresses, seminars and meetings; offers special stand services, hostesses for the activities, translation and technical material support.